FAQ about GATE

Frequently Asked Questions by a GATE Aspirant

Q.I am studying in 3rd year BE ECE, can I write GATE ?
No, you can appear if currently in the 4th year or already completed.
Q.Is there any new rule for GATE ? I heard that now onwards only two attempts are allowed to give gate exam. Is it true?
No, this is not true. Number of attempts are not fixed in GATE.
Q.What are the important subjects in GATE ? Which subject does carry highest weightage ?
There is no criteria to decide important subjects in GATE. Each subject must hold equal weightage in your preparation. All the core subjects of a branch carry approximately same marks every year. It may be possible that in a particular year a subject may carry more weightage than other. But it doesn’t mean that the subject is more important. May be next year some other subject will carry more weightage. It totally depends upon the choice of paper setter. You must be prepared equally for each subject.
Q.There are 99 days remaining for my GATE Exam. Please suggest me the strategy for scoring a high rank. Unfortunately, I am going to start my preparation from tomorrow only. Is the time sufficient ?
First of all don’t think that you are late. GATE exam includes the questions from various subjects that you have studied in your course. Now focus on those subjects first in which you are good. No need to read theory at this stage, directly start solving problems and refer the text books only when you find a doubt in problem. Once you complete a subject, target to the next, and so on. On an average 60-70 marks out of 100 is a very good score in GATE, that score you can get even if you skip problems of one or two subjects. So, there is no need to complete whole syllabus, just workout over your strengths and you will find yourself well prepared before the exam.
Q.As you know only 2.5 months are left for gate exam, so what should be the strategy for the exam from now, and also include 15 days of December and January, for semester exams. I am in ECE stream. So, please also mention some important subjects which I must have to cover.
As you are a final year student, you have to manage your classes, assignments, semester exams, and others. So, firstly you plan your daily schedule in such a manner that you may get at least 3-4 hours a day for GATE exam. Now, start preparation with two basic subjects of EC: network analysis and signals and systems. Plan the task for these subjects such that it is completed within 10-12 days. Next 14-15 days you may target Analog electronics and communication system. Meanwhile, you have to revise the previous two subjects also. Again, the next two subjects control system and electromagnetic in next 19-20 days (revision of previous subjects should be carried on). After your semesters you may give more than 8 hours in a day, so complete the rest subjects in 15 days duration, and reserve final 15 days for solving previous year papers and mock test papers. The order of subjects can be changed as per your strength and one or two subject can be skipped as well.
Q.Is there any minimum CGPA criteria for getting admission in MTech. in IIT via GATE ? I am having very mixed opinions and different IITs are giving different answers.
The minimum CGPA or percentage marks for M.Tech. Admission is different for different IITs. For IIT kanpur minimum criterion is 55 % or 5.5 CGPA; for IIT Kharagpur it is 60 % or 6.5 CGPA; for IIT Delhi 70 % or 7.5 CGPA; for IIT Bombay 60 %; IISC Chennai requires a second class degree; IIT roorke provides a point for the degree marks which is added to the points for overall selection; there is no criterion of degree marks for IIT Madras. These are the criterion for M.Tech admission in 2014-15 session, and it may vary in new sessions. So, before applying to any IIT you must go through its brochure.
Q.Which type of calculators are not allowed in GATE ?
Previously, students were allowed to take calculator in GATE exam. But now it is prohibited. During the online GATE 2015 examination, all candidates will be provided with an online scientific calculator which has to be used to answer the questions.
Q.From where we can get previous year GATE papers ?
At the official website of GATE-2015, GATE papers of 2013 and 2014 are available. Also, you can download the previous 12 year papers with their complete solutions from download section of our portal.
Q.In GATE-2015 examination hall, will they provide any rought sheet or not ? And inside exam hall will they allow calculator or not ?
Yes, the rough sheet is provided inside the examination hall. It is required to fill up your details on the sheet before using it, and later it is to be submitted back. Now, you have not to bring calculator inside the exam hall. During the online GATE 2015 examination, all candidates will be provided with an online scientific calculator which has to be used to answer the questions.
Q.I am at present in my 1st year. From when should I start my gate preparation and is coaching necessary ? Which books should I refer, and how should I prepare ?
The syllabus of GATE exam is designed such that it covers one or two subjects of each semester of graduation courses. In first year, you may focus on general aptitude and engineering mathematics. Later, in next semesters you must give an extra attention to those subjects which is included in GATE syllabus. Meanwhile studying the subjects for your semester exams, keep solving GATE level objective problems. Never forget to revise the subjects previously studied. Coaching can help you in scheduling your course structure and keep you stable towards your goal. But, If you can go in the above mentioned way of self study, it is not required to join any coaching. In market, lots of GATE books are available. For theory, you should always refer standard text books. For practicing problems, go for those books which is completely solved; it will be helpful in clearing your doubts and building your concepts.
Q.I am doing my 3rd year. Am I allowed to appear for GATE-2015 ?
No, 3rd year students are not allowed in GATE exam.
Q.Please let me know the syllabus of computer science GATE-15 ?
To view the syllabus of computer science for GATE-2015, download the complete information brochure from official website of GATE-2015
Q.If I appear for the GATE 2014 exam, will I be eligible/allowed to apply again for GATE 2015 exam(as per the norms) ?
Yes, you are eligible to appear in GATE exam any number of times. There is no any limitation for number of attempts in GATE exam.
Q.Hi, I am a passed out student of 2010-2014 batch, I have still one backlog to clear, will I be eligible for applying to GATE exam, if yes please tell me what is the procedure. There seem to be only two options in the application form, students in last semester, students in last semester with backlogs, what should I choose please inform.
Yes, you are eligible for the GATE-2015 exam. It is clearly mentioned in the GATE-2015 notification. Candidates who have appeared in the final semester/year exam in 2014, but with a backlog (arrears/failed subjects) in any of the papers in their qualifying degree should 1. submit a copy of any one of the marks sheets of the final year, OR 2. have to obtain a declaration from their Principal along with the signature and seal beforehand and upload the same during the online submission of the application form.
Q.In gate form as i have backlog, what should I fill in the following fields: (i) Have you graduated in above degree? Yes or no what should i tick ? And (ii) Year of qualifying should be 2014 or 2015 ?
As you have remaining backlogs, you must tick no for the question “Have you graduated in above degree”. Also, fill 2015 as your expected year of qualifying degree.
Q.How should we study for GATE 2015 ?
Usually, the GATE papers are designed such that a student must focus on practicing problems instead of reading theory. As recommended by previous year GATE toppers, the best approach is to start your preparation by directly solving problems; once you have any doubt refer the textbook to clear your concept; target the subjects one by one; never forget to revise previously studied subjects. By this method of preparation, you may surely get a good score.
Q.Please tell me opportunities after clearing gate, apart from post graduation and job in PSU.
GATE exam provides a score which is considered in admission to masters degree and PSUs. Apart from these opportunities, BAARC, CSIR, and many other research centers consider the GATE score for the junior scientist/research fellowship. Now a days some private companies also consider GATE score for shortlisting the candidates. Also, if you are looking for higher educations in abroad, then you must be happy to hear that some recognized institutions in abroad also considers GATE score for MS program in their institutions. The value of GATE score is increasing rapidly, and probably it will cover more sectors.
Q.Can MSC IT students give the exams for GATE ?
Yes, if you you have completed MSC IT or you are in final year of the course, then you may write GATE exam. You must apply for the GATE paper “Computer Science and Information Technology (CS)”.
Q.Currently I am in 5th semester (Computer Science) and even the online registration has started so I want to ask you if I am eligible for the same.
No, you are not eligible to write GATE exam. As per the GATE-2015 notification, only final year and passed out candidates are eligible to apply for GATE exam.
Q.I have completed engineering in EE stream with second class. I am interested to attempt GATE 2015. With a second class degree and good GATE score, can I get a govt job ?
In mostly all PSUs (PGCIL-65 %, HPCL-60 %, BPCL-60%, etc), the minimum graduation marks is required around 60-70 %. These are the data collected from the notification released by respective PSUs related to GATE-2014; for GATE-2015 it may vary also. So, if you have second class degree and you are a general candidate, then it is tough to get a good PSU. However, there are also some PSUs which consider only GATE score for shortlisting the candidates. Before applying to any PSU, you must go through its eligibility criterion.
Q.I am doing M.Sc. (physics) through distance mode. If i pass GATE exam, am i eligible to apply for MTech in IITs ?
Yes, you are eligible to apply for GATE exam and get admission in IIT for M.tech. There is nowhere mentioned in any of the notification of IITs that a candidate with distance learning is not allowed. You must choose Physics Paper / XE Paper in GATE exam to pursue M.tech in IIT.
Q.What is the criterion for getting scholarship in post graduation through GATE ? How much is the scholarship amount for IIT and NIT ?
To avail the scholarship, the candidate must secure admission to such a postgraduate program, as per the prevailing procedure of the admitting institution. So, you must secure the minimum score such that you may get admission in IITs/NITs/othe goverment institutions. The Scholarships offered to GATE qualified candidates are 1. MHRD stipend / Scholarship: 8000/- pm; 2. Research fellowship MHRD + professor’s project : 9000~10000/- pm; 3. Industry fellowship / Scholarship: 10000 ~14000/- pm; Last two scholarships are most common in IITs and NITs.
Q.I had one backlog in the 1st semester. But I have cleared in the 2nd semester only. Now I am in final year but my question is: Should i submit any form signed by college principal to the GATE website ?
For the final year students, an application format of “certificate from principal” is given on GATE-2015 official website. If you have already cleared your backlogs, then you should not tick the second option that mentions your backlog to be cleared. However, you must upload this certificate signed by principal during the online submission of the application form.
Q.Can you please tell what was the cutoff rank for the selection of graduate trainees (electronics & communication) selected by various PSU’s like ntpc, bel, bhel, oil companies etc.
The GATE cut off score for shortlisting the EC candidates for interview in some PSUs are 1. BHEL: 897 (General), 801 (OBC), 657 (SC), 507 (ST) out of 1000; 2. PCL: 73.05 (General), 69.69 (OBC), 59.14 (SC), 54.67 (ST) out of 100; On an average, if your are a general candidate of EC stream you must score atleast 75 marks to get shortlisted for the interview in the renowned PSUs. However, some other PSUs / state government body release the notification after GATE exam; the GATE cutoff in those PSUs are lower.
Q.I passed engineering from Electrical and Electronics stream. Now I want to make my career into complete electronics field and its research area. So I want to ask if I can write this year GATE paper in EC ? If yes, then would I be considered as an Electronics student for getting admission into leading IITs or NITs as in many such institutes eligibility criteria for getting into some masters field subjects of Electronics is that “candidate should be from Electronics and communications”. So i am confused whether they would consider the GATE paper I have given and would my branch in engineering i.e EEE would trouble me in getting admission post GATE or not.
Yes, you may write the EC paper in GATE exam. But, in M.tech only some academic programs (Microelectronic Systems, Signal Processing, Telecommunication Engineering, etc.) of electronics and communication department consider the qualification degree of electronics and electrical engineering. However, some academic programs (Communication Systems, R.F. & Microwave Engg, Microelectronics and VLSI, etc.) does not allow EEE student. Using your GATE score of EE paper, you may also apply for all those programs in which EEE candidates are allowed. Also, there is a huge competition in EC as compared to EE, so it will be a better choice that you write EE paper in GATE exam, and later apply for the desired academic program of Electronics department.
Q.I am a Nepalese citizen. I am doing B.Tech. from NIT Durgapur, India. Am I eligible for GATE 2015 ?
Yes, you are eligible to write GATE-2015 exam. While filling the online application form, select your nationality as others.
Q.I am an average student. I know that I can’t get into an IIT or NIT. But atleast if I cleared the GATE I will get scholarship. So, my aim is just to get cutoff marks and get into a college in my state. How should be my strategy while preparing ? I am from ece branch, so please give suggestions accordingly.
The strategy for getting a respectable score (high/low) should be same for both an average and an extraordinary student. Like you have to target subjects one by one; directly start solving problems from some reliable/fully solved GATE practice book; at any stage if you have doubt, refer the standard text books to clear your confusions; after completing a subject, target to the next one, and so on; keep on revising the previously studied subjects. As an average student, the only difference in your approach should be like you target only few subjects in which you have a command. Leave those subjects which you have not studied well in your academics. You may get easily a score of 40 out of 100 by just targeting 3-4 core subjects, engineering mathematics, general aptitude. This score would be enough to get admission in masters program of some recognized institutions in your state.
Q.I am a student studying in 4th year of a dual degree (BE+ME) program in stream of ECE. What will be the use of writing GATE other than for PSU jobs and again studying M.tech. Please provide guidance.
As you are in 4th year of dual degree course (BE + ME), you may get the scholarship on the basis of GATE score in your final year. Also, if you are looking for PHD from some recognized university, then you must have a valid GATE score. Currently, the GATE score is valid for 3 years, so it will be valid till the time you complete your dual degree.
Q.I am pursuing BE in IP branch. But I want to do my PG in mechanical branch. For that which exam should I write ? Gate mechanical exam or gate exam for industrial & production ?
To get admission for any academic program, you must have the valid GATE score and qualifying degree both of relevant stream. Although if you write ME paper in GATE exam, you can not apply for the programs (like, Thermal Engineering) in mechanical department which is not relevant to IP branch. So, it will be a better choice to go for the GATE in same discipline and apply for the desired academic programs (like, Manufacturing Engineering) in mechanical department.
Q.I am student of B.Tech 3rd year mechanical engineering, and belongs to SC category. Their was one backlog in my degree. Am I eligible for Gate 2016, if I clear degree with 70%. If yes, then what is the procedure for it ? I want to take admission in IIT Bombay for M.Tech. Can I get any benefit as an SC candidate ?
Yes, you are eligible for GATE-2016, even if you have remaining backlogs in your final year. But, you must have to complete your degree before applying for M.Tech. admission in any institutions. For M.Tech admission in IIT Bombay, minimum required percentage of qualifying degree is 60 %. For SC candidates, the GATE cutoff is less in comparison to general candidates. For IIT Bombay, it varies around 600 out of 1000. So, you must score 45-50 marks out of 100 to get admission in IIT.
Q.If I am getting good score in GATE such that I can apply for the PSU company like BHEL etc. Then, only GATE marks will be sufficient or I need to have good aggregate i.e above 60% in my degree also.
In mostly all PSUs (PGCIL-65 %, HPCL-60 %, BPCL-60%, etc), the minimum graduation marks is required around 60-70 %. These are the data collected from the notification released by respective PSUs related to GATE-2014; for GATE-2015 it may vary also. So, it is quite clear that you must have good aggregate percentage along with a the required GATE score to get selected in the concerned PSUs.
Q.I am first year student, and I am very eager to write and pass the GATE. What should I do today onwards to achieve my goal ?
If you are looking to get a good score in GATE, then start preparation from today itself. The syllabus of GATE exam is designed such that it covers one or two subjects of each semester of graduation courses. In first year, you may focus on general aptitude and engineering mathematics. Later, in next semesters you must give an extra attention to those subjects which is included in GATE syllabus. Meanwhile studying the subjects for your semester exams, keep solving GATE level objective problems. Always keep on revising the subjects previously studied. For theory, you should always refer standard text books. For practicing problems, go for those books which is completely solved; it will be helpful in clearing your doubts and building your concepts.
Q.What is the age limit for GATE ?
There is no any limitation of age for GATE exam. However, if you are looking to join a PSU through GATE score, then you must fulfill their criterion. In mostly all PSUs, the maximum age is around 26-28 years. But, for M.Tech. admission in any institutions, there is no any age limitation.
Q.I am ece graduate if i want to do Mtech in computer networking then which gate paper i need to appear ? IT or CS or EC itself ?
As you want to do M.tech in computer networking, you must write the GATE CS/IT paper. Some IIT/NITs also consider the score of GATE EC Score for computer networking stream but the selection chances are very rare. Also, in some institutions the criterion is that graduation must be in CS/IT, so before applying to any institutions, information brochure must be read carefully.
Q.What is gate topper mark in ECE branch ? What approximate required to get PSU call ?
In the last two years, the maximum marks (out of 100) obtained in GATE EC paper were 88.67 (GATE 2013) and 89.86 (GATE 2014). As the competition in EC branch is quite high and there are less number of seats for EC candidates in PSUs, so the marks 70-75 (approx.) in EC paper will be at least required to get a call from leading PSUs.
Q.Will I have to produce same ID, which I have given in GATE application form ?
Yes, the same ID card you will have to produce which details are given in GATE application form. In any case if you fail to present the same ID card, you will not be permitted to write the exam. So, you must be attentive while specifying ID in GATE application form. You may specify any available ID among the following: Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar UID, College ID, Employee Identification Card, or a Notarized Affidavit with Photo, Signature, Date of Birth and Residential Address.
Q.Whether the answer key of GATE-2014 has been released by GATE officials? If yes, from where I can download it ?
Yes, the answer keys and question paper of GATE-2014 has been officially released. You may download it from the GATE-2015 official page. Papers and answer keys of GATE-2013 and 2014 both are available there in the pre-exam section.
Q.Do we need to send the GATE 2015 downloaded form to IIT?
No, the entire process of GATE-2015 is online. No any hard copy of application form/documents is required to send. After submission of your form completely, you must keep checking the status of your application as it may change to Received, Under Scrutiny, Accepted, Defect Status, Status after Rectification, Rejected with Valid Reasons, Admit Card Ready for Download, etc.
Q.Which books are most preferred for aeronautical student to crack 2015 GATE exam?
For GATE exam, the reference books must be a standard one. But, for practice you have the choices. There are lots of GATE problem practice books available in market. Most of the books contain the brief theory and unsolved questions with answer keys only. Never follow those books as it may cause lots of confusion and mislead your concepts. Go for those books only which provide the detailed solutions to each and every problem. A better detailed solution will clear your concept in better manner. So, now your task is to check out the contents of all the available books in market and select the practice book matching the above criterion.
Q.From which subject one should start preparing for GATE and for how much time a student should study on daily basis to get a good rank < 100 ?
This is a good question to discuss. Before starting preparation, one must analyze his/her potential and strengths. It will be a good idea to start with the subject in which you are most confident. The subject can be completed easily and in a very less time. Then, you may select next one in similar manner. Revision must be kept on for all previously studied subjects. Now the time of study depends on your IQ level and potential. Instead of planning a time duration for study, you make a strategy and plan to complete some particular task on daily basis. Getting a rank less than 100 is always tough as there is a huge competition in GATE. So, study duration must be as much as you can manage, otherwise you will be left behind the other competitors.
Q.I am an electronics B.tech student. Will coaching notes be helpful in Gate preparation ?
Coaching notes is just a review of the class lecture which may be useful for the students who have attended the lecture. But, if you are not studying in a coaching and looking for the coaching notes then rethink about it. From the coaching notes, you may be familiar with all the topics covered in syllabus but it may not clear your concepts. More over the coaching notes are less reliable as compared to a standard book. So, it will be a better idea to read theory from standard books and make your own notes. It will be surely very helpful for you while reviewing the formulas/important topics in last days of preparation.
Q.I belong to SC/ST category, and I am an average student. I have found that there is very less seats in technical fields in comparison to non-technical sector. Should I focus on GATE exam only or start preparation for non-technical exam (Bank PO, SSC, etc) also?
From last few years, many of the engineers have been attracted toward the non-technical government job instead of core technical jobs. The most general reason behind the scenario is that there used to be a very large number of seats in non-technical jobs and the papers in such exams include aptitude questions of basic level that is presumed to be easier. However, the number of appearing candidates in non-technical exams are higher in the same ratio and the competition in these exams is also tough. So, you should not make your decision on the basis of these facts. Even in technical job, there is enough number of seats that as a SC/ST candidate you may expect your selection. If you want to be on safe side, it would be a better idea to compete for both technical and non-technical jobs.
Q.Can I get a good rank on the GATE ’15 if I start from zero today, while pursuing a job with Infosys?
You don’t have to spend much time in preparation but it all depends on your work load. In fact, many of students had cleared GATE with good rank while working in some Company and that too in last few months. I am assuming here that by zero you mean that you have basics about all subjects because you are in Infosys. You can follow the following tips for preparation: 1. Schedule yourself as per your goal. Avoid unnecessary things like over talking,social networking. 2. Make sure that you keep your energy levels high. Remember that every day is a unit of work and finish it. 3. Here, you have to compete with other GATE aspirants who can prepare for entire day so plan effectively and save every minute that can be saved. 4. As you are in an IT company, you can spend weekends in an effective manner. 5. Start your preparation, every thing synchronizes accordingly.
Q.What are the exams other than the GATE, must a B.Tech final year ECE student crack to get a government job?
Following are the list of examination for government jobs in which a B.Tech final year student may appear: 1. Indian engineering services (IES) Examination. 2. BSNL JTO/TTA 3. Indian Railway (Senior Section Engineer) 4. Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC, JMRC, etc) 5. Vidyut Nigam Limited in various states (junior Engineer) 6. Indian administrative services (IAS) Examination. 7. Indian police services (IPS) Examination. 8. Indian Forest services (IFS) Examination. 9. Combined defense services (CDS) Examination. 10. Central police forces (CPF)