Customer Testimonials

IES 2006
I want to thank the author R.K. Kanodia and the publisher Nodia Publications for providing really best book for all Engineering Exams The books are really elaborate and are best in the competition. They helped me to a lot in preparing for my IES (Engineering Services) exams.
Nirmal Sharma,
GATE 2007
These books prooved to be gold mine for me, before I bought these books I was just so confused and had no confidence at all. GATE-ECE by R.K. Kanodia helped me to get back my confidence and tackle the problems in a right way.
Nitin Thakur,
GATE 2007
This is the best book I have ever gone through. It contains all the concepts needed for an entrace examination like GATE. I should say that it can be said as bible of multiple choice questions for any entrance exam on ECE.
Aman Verma ,
Whichever book you plan to follow for GATE preparation, I would recommend you to start with the books by R. K. Kanodia. It has an exceptional collection of objective problems. By solving them you will get a thorough grasp of the underlying theoretical concepts. Most importantly the book is mixed bag of varied problems on one given topic which gives the reader a thorough understanding of the topic.
Avik Ray,
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