New in GATE 2020

GATE 2018 examination structure and paper pattern is same as GATE 2017 except few small changes as listed below : 

GATE 2018 Syllabus has been revised for all branches. However, if we analyze carefully it can be noticed that conceptually the syllabus is same as previous year. Just some of the topics are clearly mentioned in the revised syllabus of GATE 2018 which are not given in previous syllabus.

The revision of syllabus will not affect questions paper too much.

The answer key of GATE 2018 will be available at IISC’s website after two weeks of examination and it can be challenged by the students. A nominal fee will be levied to prevent frivolous challenges.

In previous year answer keys were available only for review. This year students will use online scientific calculator and no calculators physical calculators are allowed in GATE 2018 examination.

A new paper- Petroleum Engineering has been introduced in GATE-2018.

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