Avirup Mullick | Rank : AIR-5, GATE EC 2014

I have secured AIR 5 and score 1000 in Gate 2014. First of all, I would like to thank my parents and friends who have supported me throughout my preparation phase. I appeared in Gate 2013 casually and secured a rank of 3507. Then I decided to appear in Gate 2014 as I was not happy with the IT company in which I got placed during campus placement.

I started my preparation from June 2013. I read standard textbooks for all subjects first and then went through the Gate Cloud Electromagnetic Book by RK Kanodia and Ashish Murolia. I was weak in EM Theory but after solving this book, I was able to grasp most of the problems related to EM Theory. The book has exhaustive collection of all kind of possible sums related to EM theory and it really helped me a lot. Equally I went though Gate Guide Signals and Systems book and the its theory helped me a lot in understanding the basics of Signals and Systems.

The 3 MCQ Books are just awesome in the sense that all the questions are well complied and each and every sum is conceptual. If one can solve these 3 books with 75-80% accuracy, I am sure he/she can easily get a rank below 50. I would like to thank the entire Nodia Publications for publishing such wonderful books which are apt for Gate preparation. There are numerous books available in the market for Gate but quality wise, RK Kanodia books come right at the top. I would strongly recommend these books to any serious Gate aspirants in future.

Kuldeep Kaushik | Rank : AIR-6, GATE EE 2014

I solved both volumes of electrical engineering. These are excellent books with variety of problems. I used to study from standard books and solve problems from this book. It is 99% error less. However, power electronics section need restructuring.

Thanks a lot to NODIA publication!

Namn Jain | Rank : AIR-62, GATE EC 2014

I find R.K.Kanodia books best for gate aspirants especially for EMT, Communication Systems & Mock papers which they release two week before exam. Also I referred GATE GUIDE and Gate Cloud which helped me to build confidence of the overall subjects.Anyways One can never understand its worth without studying it.

In fact, I found many questions in the GATE 2014 similar to the questions given in MCQ’s book.

Thank you Nodia Publication !!

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